John Paul Tomko has served in Christian ministry since 2008 with Foursquare, Korean Methodist, American Baptist and Calvary Chapel movements in missions, evangelism and vocations.

Born in Hawaii, his family raised him in Southern California where they would spend nineteen years in Palm Springs, California where he would call Desert Chapel (Palm Springs Foursquare Church) his first home and Pastor Fred Donaldson his mentor. Over the years his discipleship consisted of the writings of Aimee Semple Mcpherson, Chuck Smith, and many other church leaders to find the “balance” in faith and religion. Later, he moved to Hannibal, Missouri as a church planter for the Gateway District of Foursquare Churches and Volunteer Chaplain for the Hannibal Regional Healthcare System.

Tomko has moved into various vocations as an author, chaplain (hospital and disaster relief), pastor and philanthropist. Through his YouTube channel he shares his life experiences in the areas of Christian ministry, transplant and kidney failure support, nutrition, physical fitness and more.

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